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Bio :

I paint for a long time.
From 5 years to 14 years, I participated in a painting workshop
method "Arnaud Stern".
It was a question of painting and of expressing without judgments nor technical constraints our inward world.
At 16, I attended classes of oil painting, and at 17, I entered a school of Visual Communication, where I learned several techniques : layout, illustration, calligraphy and drawing nudes.

At 20 years, experiencing great inner pain and existential questions, I enrolled in a school of somato-relaxology. Began then saving introspection.

How do I paint ?

The energies are increasingly strong and intense.

My quest of the main point undoes me of the will to deliver a message through my paintings. There remains only the intensity of the moment,
where I bathe in deep joy, and everything is clear, finally ... everything comes from Self...

Each painting seems vaguely in mind, But it is especially the feeling which accompanies it which makes me vibrate. And it is then that I need to realize it by letting me guide by this powerful impulse.
Need Light, Truth, Gentleness, Joy, Love.

The moments when I paint are journeys of return towards what is True, towards the part of Divine in me. And it is it that I have the pleasure to share, and which will resonate, I hope in you.